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Bad memory?
Poor sense of time?
can help!

  • People with reduced memory often have trouble keeping track of time and remembering appointments

  • The MemoClock app makes it easier for you to help

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Big letters and numbers

Install the MemoClock app on a tablet and place it on a fixed spot in front of the person you want to help. The big day clock will help the person keep track of time.

Personalized day clock

Customize the way time is displayed to best suit the person you care for. Display the time with numbers or words, for example: "Now it is Wednesday morning.


You can send reminders to the Clock whenever it suits you - just start up the MemoClock app in Helper-mode.

Runs on anything - even old devices

MemoClock runs on any Android 6.0 device and onwards and any iPad and iPhone iOS 9 and onwards.