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Turn any tablet into a day clock that you can send reminders to

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The key feature for our Mom is that she doesn’t have to do anything to call up a schedule or retrieve messages; they’re just always there so she can glance and see them at any time.
— Doug and Mike B, Columbus, Ohio, USA
Our family loves this app! So helpful for our parents that suffer from dementia. Using your app, we can now set daily reminders that will appear on their iPad, which is incredibly helpful. Thank you!
— Steven E., Indiana, USA
My mother says MemoClock makes her days less confusing. She no longer gets up in the middle of the night, and she says she is no longer stressed or confused when going to appointments outside her home.
— Per Ibsen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Any tablet can be a day clock!

Install the MemoClock app on a tablet and place it on a fixed spot in the home of the person you want to help. The day clock will help the person keep track of time.

Show the time in the best way

Customize the way time is displayed to best suit the person you care for. Display the time with numbers or words, for example: "Now it is Wednesday morning.

Remote reminders

You can send reminders to MemoClock whenever it suits you - it works from your smartphone, tablet, and computer.

Runs on anything - even old devices

MemoClock runs on any Android 6.0 device and onwards and any iPad and iPhone iOS 9 and onwards.

MemoClock works like this:

To use MemoClock, you must install the MemoClock app on two devices

One device will show the Clock

The other device - the Helper - will be where you manage the Clock



Install the MemoClock app on the device you want to be the Clock

Start the app and choose to run it in Clock mode




Install the MemoClock app on your smartphone

Start the app in Helper mode and follow the on screen instruction to connect to the Clock

When connected you can send reminders from the Helper to the Clock


Set the time

In the Helper you also manage how the time is shown on the Clock

You can choose from:

  • Weekday

  • Date

  • Year

  • Season

  • Time with words (Now it is Morning, Evening, Night)

  • Time with pictures

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