MemoClock turns any tablet into a day clock

MemoClock helps people with dementia keep track of time. You can send reminders with pictures to the Clock from your smartphone, tablet, and computer.

To use MemoClock, you must install the MemoClock app on two devices. One device will be the Clock. The other device will be the Helper.

The Clock

The tablet or smartphone running the MemoClock app in Clock-mode should be placed in front of your loved one (for example just next to the TV set). The Clock is intended always to be turned on - this way he or she will always be able to know the time by just looking at the big clock. Occasionally reminders will show up on the Clock - these are pushed from the person controlling the Helper-mode of the app.

The Helper

To control the Clock, you must install the MemoClock Helper app on another iOS device than the device running in Clock-mode. Now you will be able to push reminders to the MemoClock. (After registering your account you will also have access to the MemoClock Helper via your web browser on any smartphone, tablet, and computer.)