What are the tech specs for MemoClock?

We suggest you run MemoClock in Clock-mode on a tablet because it will be easier for the user to see the info on a larger screen - but a smartphone can easily be used as a Clock if that is what suits your needs.

We developed the MemoClock app to be able to turn most tablets and smartphones into a day clock - even old gear. The MemoClock app will work on:
iOS 9 or later (iPad 2, iPhone 4S and iPod Touch 5)
Android 6 or later

The MemoClock Helper can either be installed as an app (install the MemoClock app on your smartphone and start it up in Helper-mode) - or you can access the Helper from any browser:
Log in via the menu in the top of this screen

Must the device showing the Clock be turned on all the time?

The idea is that the Clock is always available to look at for the person using it, without the person having to make any physical action like pressing buttons. This approach means that MemoClock will be helpfull even for people with more severe dementia, because they will not need to learn or remeber anything - the Clock is automatically giving them all the information they need.

What if the user messes with the Clock device?

To prevent unintentional interaction with the MemoClock Clock, we recommend that you lock the screen and buttons.

In iOS you can lock the screen and buttons by turning on “Guided Access”:
Read instructions here.
For iOS 12: Be aware that you will have to manually set your screen to not go to sleep, or Guided Acces will automatically turn off the screen after 20 minutes. This is how you fix it:
1: In the Guided Access settings: Turn on “Mirror Display Auto-Lock
2: Open Settings - choose Display & Brightness - set Auto-Lock to “Never”

In Android the same functionality is called “Pin the screen”:
Read Googles instructions here.

If the person using the Clock device accidentally disconnects the power or turns off the tablet, you should consider buying a frame for the tablet. Google “tablet frame wall mount“ to find a frame that fits your specific tablet.

Can the device showing the clock be used for other things like a normal tablet?

For MemoClock to do it’s thing, you need to dedicate a device to be the Clock. This device should not be used for anything else.

The best thing is to delete all other apps on the device, to log out of all services, to turn off all auto updates and turn off the sound - this way nothing will disturb the Clock.

Where should I place the Clock?

We recommend that you find a spot in the line of sight of the person you want to help. Somewhere across from where they usually spend most of their time. Some people with a dementia disease watch a lot of TV - in this case it would be a good idea to place the Clock next to the TV (there is usually a power socket close by as well). Maybe even try a few different spots until the user you are helping is satisfied with the arrangement.

Why can’t the user of the Clock control the Clock?

MemoClock is developed for people with a bad memory, especially people with dementia. Dementia diseases like Alzheimer’s slowly destroy the ability to learn new things and even to remember what you once were able to do. That's why we developed MemoClock on the philosophy that you can help the person with dementia better in the later part of the disease by not getting used to interacting with the Clock in the earlier part of the disease.

I accidentally started the MemoClock app in Helper-mode and would like to change it to Clock mode (or vice versa)

If you want to change the mode of the app from Helper to Clock or the other way around, just delete the app from your device and reinstall it. When starting the app for the first time, you will have the option to choose between Helper-mode and Clock-mode.

Can’t I just install the Clock part of the app and skip the Helper part?

You will get more out of the system by installing the Clock part on a tablet and the Helper part on your smartphone. This way you will always have the Helper at hand, and you will always be able to give support to the person who is using the Clock even though you are another place.

If you don’t want to install the Helper part of the MemoClock app, or if you don’t own a smartphone, you can just install the Clock part of the app and then access the Helper via any web browser - just go to the top menu on this page and press “Sign in”.

Do you have any recommendations for tablet stands?

There are heaps of different stands in all shapes and sizes. Google “tablet stand“, and you are sure to find something that suits your needs.

Is it possible to see in the Helper if the Clock is on/online?

Yes. The Helper checks every minute to see if there is a live connection to the Clock. If this is not the case, the Clock will be shown as “offline” in the top of the Helper screen.

Is it possible to connect more than one Clock to the same Helper account?

If you have a MemoClock Premium subscription you are able to connect a lot of Clocks to your Helper account. The same info will be shown on all connected Clocks.

What is “MemoClock Premium”?

MemoClock Premium is the paid version of MemoClock. With Premium you can:

  • Show pictures with your reminders

  • Set recurring reminders

  • Schedule reminders for later

  • Connect your Helper account all the Clocks you want

MemoClock Premium is $3.99/month

To get MemoClock Premium just install the free version of MemoClock and subscribe inside the app.

What is MemoClock Basic?

MemoClock Basic is the free version of MemoClock. In the basic version you get free access to all Clock features and you can send an unlimited number of instant reminders.

We do hope, however, that you feel like supporting the further development of MemoClock by subscribing.

Can more than one person access the same Helper account?

Right now this is only possible if you share your login info with the person you want to give access.

If you think it would be useful to be able to share access to the same Helper account please tell us about how you would use this feature, and maybe we will include this in a future release.

Does MemoClock have a Privacy Policy?

Oh yes we do!
And you can read all of it right here: MemoClock’s Privacy Policy

But you don’t have an End User License Agreement do you?

Sure we do!
Get it while it’s hot: MemoClocks own EULA